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Welcome to the Cantu Lab

Cantu Lab spring 2016
We are a research group that studies the interaction between plants and microorganisms. We integrate principles of systems biology, genomics and quantitative genetics and use bioinformatics, biochemistry and molecular biology to study plant and microbial activities in a variety of contexts, from disease resistance, wood decomposition, to fruit ripening, and flavor development.
powdery mildew

Interested in joining our group? Students and researchers at any level in their career (postdoc, PhD, MSc, BSc) and with outstanding training in plant molecular biology, genetics, or bioinformatics are invited to contact us to discuss possible projects. The Cantu lab is accepting students from the Viticulture and Enology, Plant Pathology, Integrative Genetics and Genomics, and Horticulture and Agronomy graduate groups.

Napa vineard